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The founders of Rapid Restoration and Remodel LLC started as a construction company specializing in Painting and remodeling services. The founders at that time lived in a rental home in which they discovered had mold and water damage issues, they moved to another home and unfortunately the same issues were present. Since they had experience with remodeling, they were able to restore their property and during that process learn more about water losses. After going through essential training and education, they partnered with a water restoration company and begin to provide customers with these services. After moving to Clackamas, Oregon the founders launched their own company” Rapid Restoration and Remodeling LLC”

In addition to understanding the depth of quality restoration we also understand that this is a sensitive time for our customers. We understand that this is a home or place of business where our customers feel comfort and security. During a disaster the customer is stripped of this safe-haven and havoc is invoked upon them. Our teams commitment to our customer is to not only provide quality work, but also be attentive to our customers needs during this sensitive time.

To provide a clean, safe home and work environment for our customers. Bringing back what disaster took away!
We hold our standards high in quality, workmanship, dedication, strong work ethic and commitment. Continuing to grow our team in training, to better fit every need that comes our way!
Using our dedicated staff to correctly restore property with state-of-the-art equipment and drying systems.
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